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Photo Name Title Email Phone
Photo for Abdeljaleel, Inshirah Abdeljaleel, Inshirah Islamic Studies (Secondary) Email x261
Photo for Abdelrahim, Zaid Abdelrahim, Zaid Quran and Hifdh Program Lead Teacher Email
Photo for Abdur-Rahman, Sahar Abdur-Rahman, Sahar Librarian Email 813-987-9282
Photo for Abed, Omar Abed, Omar HS Math & Web Design Teacher Email x201
Photo for Abukhdair, Sulafa Abukhdair, Sulafa 4th Grade Assistant Email
Photo for Abushawareb, Ward Abushawareb, Ward 4B Lead Teacher Email x106
Photo for Abuzayda, Feras Abuzayda, Feras Principal Email x206
Photo for Adamopoulos, Eleni Adamopoulos, Eleni PK3 Lead Teacher Email x502
Photo for Adams, Kiera Adams, Kiera 2B Lead Teacher Email x102
Photo for Ahmad, Aisha Ahmad, Aisha MS Writing Email
Photo for Ahmad, Remah Ahmad, Remah Islamic Studies Teacher - Elem. Email x120
Photo for Ahmad, Soofia Ahmad, Soofia English (Secondary) Email
Photo for Al Safi, Abeer Al Safi, Abeer Arabic/Quran Teacher Email
Photo for Al-Baba, Omar Al-Baba, Omar PE Teacher - Boys Email
Photo for Alahmad, Lamees Alahmad, Lamees Quran Teacher Email x201
Photo for Algassas, Safa Algassas, Safa Quran Teacher Email x201
Photo for Almomani, Fadia Almomani, Fadia Arabic & Quran Teacher Email x304
Photo for Asad, Oraib Asad, Oraib Foodservice Supervisor Email x256
Photo for Ashkari, Syeda Ashkari, Syeda PK Assistant Email
Photo for Aslavi, Sureen Aslavi, Sureen Marketing & Communications Liaison Email x216
Photo for Assad, Farah Assad, Farah K5A Lead Teacher Email
Photo for Atiyeh, Heba Atiyeh, Heba MS & HS SS, IB SS & AP History Teacher Email x112
Photo for Buffins, Abdurrahman Buffins, Abdurrahman Security Email x201
Photo for Dahcheh, Omida Dahcheh, Omida K4B Lead Teacher Email
Photo for Diggs, Lanitra Diggs, Lanitra K5B Lead Teacher Email x306
Photo for Elsayed, Salwa Elsayed, Salwa PK4 Teachers Assistant Email x303
Photo for Elsayed, Samira Elsayed, Samira Academic Advisor Email x202
Photo for Elsheemy, Samah Elsheemy, Samah 5B Lead Teacher (English & SS) Email x111
Photo for Erzikat, Amjad Erzikat, Amjad Technology Director Email x258
Photo for Fahda, Wafa Fahda, Wafa Business Office Manager Email x203
Photo for Faria, Aya Faria, Aya ESE Assistant Email x211
Photo for Golike, Theresa Golike, Theresa Business Office Asst. Email x204
Photo for Good, Ashley Good, Ashley 1A Lead Teacher Email x108
Photo for Hack, Zineb Hack, Zineb Cafeteria Personnel Email x256
Photo for Hammida, Khadija Hammida, Khadija Qur'an & Geometry Email 813-987-9282
Photo for Hasan, Nijma Hasan, Nijma Arabic Teacher Email 819-987-8979
Photo for Herbawi, Narjes Herbawi, Narjes Cafeteria - Cook Personnel Email x256
Photo for Jahad, Nadira Jahad, Nadira Cafeteria Assistant Email x256
Photo for Jannat, Khatune Jannat, Khatune 1st Grade Assistant Email x102
Photo for Johns, Teresa Johns, Teresa Office Assistant Email
Photo for Keswani, Lena Keswani, Lena Business Office Asst. Email
Photo for Khalaf, Louay Khalaf, Louay MS Math Teacher Email x117
Photo for Khan, Ameena Khan, Ameena Visual Arts Teacher Email x260
Photo for Khan, Hasan Khan, Hasan MS Soc. & Islamic Studies Teacher & PE Assist. Email x117
Photo for Khan, Rafeena Khan, Rafeena Registrar Email x215
Photo for Khan, Sameera Khan, Sameera PK4C Lead Teacher Email
Photo for Lopez, Gina Lopez, Gina Custodian Email x256
Photo for Los Schumacher, Cory Los Schumacher, Cory MS Social Studies Email
Photo for Mahmoud, Bothayna Mahmoud, Bothayna HS Science & IB CAS Teacher Email
Photo for Mahmoud, Rosaylah Mahmoud, Rosaylah MS English Teacher Email
Photo for Mahmoud, Sawsan Mahmoud, Sawsan Teacher aide Email x105
Photo for Mikou, Aziza Mikou, Aziza MS Math Teacher Email x201
Photo for Minhas, Aizaz Minhas, Aizaz IB Physics/IB Math Email x201
Photo for Miqdad, Ekhlass Miqdad, Ekhlass 5A Lead Teacher (Math & Science) Email x113
Photo for Mirza, Shertaz Mirza, Shertaz 1st Grade Assistant Email x501
Photo for Mitwalli, Eman Mitwalli, Eman 5th Grade Assistant Email x120
Photo for Nassar, Sarah Nassar, Sarah Receptionist Email x201
Photo for Naz, Farah Naz, Farah K5A Assistant Teacher Email x303
Photo for Niazi, Leena Niazi, Leena Islamic Studies (Elementary) Email
Photo for Oueslati, Mohammed Oueslati, Mohammed 2A Lead Teacher Email x101
Photo for Quadi, Afrah Quadi, Afrah Arabic Teacher Email
Photo for Quick, Jeffery Quick, Jeffery 4A Lead Teacher Email x101
Photo for Qureshi, Alia Qureshi, Alia Administrative Assistant Email
Photo for Rahhal, Kariman Rahhal, Kariman Arabic Coordinator & IB- Arabic Teacher Email x209
Photo for Rahman, Sherene Rahman, Sherene HS English & Social St Email
Photo for Rodriguez, Martha Rodriguez, Martha K2 Lead Teacher Email x503
Photo for Rum, Asma Rum, Asma Quran Teacher Email
Photo for Saed, Dunia Saed, Dunia 1B Lead Teacher Email
Photo for Saeed, Reima Saeed, Reima Arabic Teacher Email x120
Photo for Said, Nadia Said, Nadia 3rd Grade Assistant Email x101
Photo for Samara, Jihan Samara, Jihan PK3 Teacher Assistant Email x502
Photo for Samhouri, Ilham Samhouri, Ilham K4A Lead Teacher Email x305
Photo for Saydeh, Samar Saydeh, Samar 3A Lead Teacher Email
Photo for Shafiq, Mahdi Shafiq, Mahdi Secondary Science Teacher Email
Photo for Shair, Kefah Shair, Kefah K4B Assistant Teacher Email
Photo for Siddiqui, Farhat Siddiqui, Farhat Head of School Email x207
Photo for Taha, Nawaher Taha, Nawaher 2nd Grade Assistant Email
Photo for Usmanali, Shabeah Usmanali, Shabeah Assistant Principal Email x205
Photo for Weiss, Samuel Weiss, Samuel English Teacher - Secondary Email
Photo for Yassin, Palestine Yassin, Palestine 3B Lead Teacher Email
Photo for Yousef, Yasmeen Yousef, Yasmeen PE Teacher Email
Photo for Zafar, Osman Zafar, Osman Assistant Principal Email
Photo for Zouafi, Amina Zouafi, Amina Cafeteria - Cook Personnel Email x256
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