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AYA Objectives

  • To instill in our students a real love of learning to make them lifelong learners.
  • To offer the best possible educational opportunities and experiences to allow our students to reach their highest potential.
  • To develop in our students a desire, willingness and ability to be positive, contributing members of their school community and of the community at large.
  • To instill in our students a real love for and understanding of the teachings and practices of Islam, with particular emphasis on respect, effective communication, and cooperation.
  • To provide an Islamic environment in which each student can develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.
  • To integrate the curricula with Islamic studies, to show that Islam is a complete way of life.
  • To develop in our student's strong leadership skills by fostering self-discipline, self-motivation, strong work habits, the ability to think critically, and the desire to do one's best.
  • To encourage each student to cherish his/her own cultural values and heritage and to respect individuals with different cultural backgrounds.
  • To develop a sense in our students that they are a part of a global community and must interact with it as such.
  • To develop each student’s ability to analyze and solve problems facing individuals and communities in a rapidly changing world.
  • To prepare students to do well on standardized tests.
  • To empower students to seek and succeed in post-secondary education.
  • To hire the most qualified faculty and staff.
  • To provide faculty, staff, and students access to the best possible resources to enable them to reach their highest educational and extracurricular goals.
  • To include parents in the educational process by regularly updating them on school activities; including them in special training and workshop opportunities dedicated to supporting their parenting duties, and inviting them to participate in all school-related activities.