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In addition to the regular curricula/coursework, AYA offers its students other academic opportunities to further their knowledge and strengthen their academic foundation.

Electives Gr. 6 - 12

A variety of electives will be offered each year to students in Gr. 6 - 12. Certain electives cannot be repeated over the course of Gr. 6 - 8 or Gr. 9-12.

Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

Students in grades 7 - 12 will have the option of enrolling in coursework through the Florida Virtual School. Only students who are highly motivated learners should take such courses. There is no cost for courses or materials for Florida residents. It should be noted that, as with Dual Enrollment courses, coursework taken should be for enrichment and should not be for replacement of AYA courses and must be approved by the Principal.

  • Students must submit an FLVS Course Request & Acknowledgement to the Counselor for approval before signing up for any FLVS courses.
  • On the FLVS Course Request & Acknowledgement, both the parent and student must sign that they:
    • Understand that the student cannot take courses on FLVS in lieu of the same courses offered at AYA. Exception: Grade Recovery (Final Grade of 59% or lower).
    • Understand that all end-of-segment exams must be taken at AYA in the presence of an AYA proctor in order for the credit to be accepted by AYA
  • By Florida law, every High School student must complete at least one course/segment (0.5 credit) on FLVS.
  • Also by Florida law, students receiving funding from SUFS cannot take more than two full credits of classes per academic year.

FLVS End-of-Segment Exams for AYA Students
Students taking courses for credit on FLVS must take their End-of-Segment exams at AYA under the supervision of an AYA proctor. FLVS credits will not be accepted if the end-of-segment exams were not taken at AYA under the supervision of an AYA proctor.

AYA Dual Enrollment at HCC Policy

(Taken from the AYA Student-Parent Handbook)

  • Dual Enrollment is reserved as a privilege for students who are performing at a high level in their AYA courses and are able to take additional courses at the college level, while maintaining their academic level at AYA.
  • Students with grades below 80% in any of their classes in the semester or quarter preceding their dual enrollment registration will not be allowed to Dual Enroll until after the following quarter or semester grades are published, and there are no grades below 80%, even if their overall unweighted GPA is at or above 3.0.
  • An official transcript showing completed coursework must be submitted NO LATER THAN 1 MONTH after the end of the semester in order for students to register for classes in subsequent semesters. AYA counselor will guide students in the process of getting an official transcript.
  • Students may submit a screen shot of their submitted on-line request until the official transcript is received.
  • Courses taken at HCC will appear on AYA transcripts, and will count for credit, but will not factor into the student’s GPA.
  • Dual enrollment at HCC  will be allowed for students in Grades 10, 11, and 12 who have at least a 3.0 GPA on their transcript and have passed all sections of the HCC admission test (PERT).
  • Transportation must be provided by the student and/or his/her parents.
  • All coursework taken at HCC must be approved in writing by the Academic Advisor.  HCC classes do not replace AYA classes:
    • English Composition (ENC 1101) does not replace English IV
    • Intermediate or College Algebra (MAT 1033 or MAC 1105) does not replace Math for College Readiness
  • The number of classes students are allowed to register for is determined by their grades in the term preceding the registration as noted below: 
      • 3 classes if Principal’s Honor Roll
      • 2 classes if High Honor Roll
      • 1 class if Honor Roll
      •  Students in gr. 10 may enroll in classes for the summer following the completion of 10th grade.
  • Students in 11th grade may enroll in Spring semester, providing they meet all of the above criteria.
  • Students in gr. 12 may enroll in Fall and Spring, providing they meet all of the above criteria.
  • Students in gr. 12 may have the option of attending HCC during a portion of the school day.  They may only register for HCC classes beginning after 12:30 pm, if they are not scheduled for a class at AYA.
  • While taking Dual Enrollment classes, students are expected to abide by AYA policies, including dress code. While on the college campuses and/or while taking the Dual Enrollment courses, they are AYA students, representing AYA, participating in an AYA-sponsored activity.
  • HCC Tuition for Dual Enrollment courses is waived for AYA students. The students are responsible, however, for covering the cost of textbooks, parking passes and/or any other fees required for specific coursework.

Honors' Credit

Honors' Credit will be assigned to AYA courses which are determined to be at an Honors' Level. This determination will be made after comparing the standards of the course with the standards of honors' level courses taught in the public school system.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses & Exams

AYA is currently offering AP World History and AP US History to its high school students and looks forward to adding at least one new AP course per year. If score a 3, 4 or 5 on their AP Exam at the end of the year, they may receive college credit for the course in addition to the high school credit that they receive. ONLY colleges and universities can award this credit upon their discretion.