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Students are assessed for academic mastery using various methods. All pre-K students are assessed using the Creative Curriculum Assessment Tool.  Assessments will be conducted by the teachers and by the Director.

K3 students are screened for developmental progress using the Ages & Stages screening tool. At each stage of the student’s development, it is expected that he/she should have mastered certain skills. VPK students are also administered the VPK assessment three times per year, and for developmental progress as needed.

If, after the screening, it is determined that there are concerns in the student’s development, the Child Study Team (child's lead teacher, the administrator and ESE department), will meet with the parents and recommend additional on-campus or off-campus screening.

It must be noted that parents have the option of NOT having their children screened. It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the lead teacher/administration, in writing, that he/she does not want his/her child screened.

Age Requirements:

K3 Students entering K3 must be three years old by September 30th.
K4 Students entering K4 must be four years old by September 30th.
VPK Students entering VPK must be four years old by September 1st.

For more information about The Early Childhood Program at AYA, please refer to pages 37 - 45 in the Student - Parent Handbook.