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To our prospective student:

As you consider joining AYA's IB program, consider the following:  In addition to offering a strong academic program that is recognized throughout the US and the world, the IB Diploma Program is designed to instill and develop in students many of the same characteristics espoused by Islam.  What captivated my attention in IB, and what convinced me that it was the best program for our students, was its Learner Profile attributes. 

The IB Diploma Program endeavors to graduate students who are:

Inquirers... Knowledgeable... Thinkers... Communicators... Principled... Open-Minded... Caring... Risk-Takers... Balanced.... & Reflective.  All of these attributes are emphasized in both the Qur'an and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet SAWS.

Insha'Allah, AYA's  IB students will delve deeply into Language & Literature, strengthen their grasp of mathematical concepts, explore the workings of physics, and study the social and historical happenings in the Americas and the Middle East.  In addition, Arabic language will be mastered and appreciated not only for its linguistic value, but also as the language of our holy Qur'an, which is also be taught in the program.

Students' minds will be expanded... Students' speaking and leadership skills will be developed... Students' analytical skills will be raised to a higher level... All while strengthening their moral compasses and their understanding and compassion for the world around them.  

We look forward to having you with us at AYA!


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