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Uniform Requirements

AYA Uniforms may be purchased at the following sites:

French Toast

East Essence (Items with school logo are final sale and cannot be returned)

  •     Shoes: any color, solid or mixed. NO designs/patterns (i.e. flowers, butterflies, stars)
  •     Socks:  any color, solid or mixed. NO designs/patterns (i.e. flowers, utterflies, stars)
  •     PE Shirts: must be purchased from AYA or suggested websites above
  •     PE Pants: navy blue or black (boys may wear knee-length shorts: navy blue or black only)
  •     Fingernails: must be cut and clean at all times.
  •     Boys’ haircuts: Must be neat, cut above the brows, above the ears, and above the collars. No designs may be cut into the hair/shaved out. 

The following are NOT allowed at any time for any of the grade levels, even on picture days:

  • Open-toed and/or open-back shoes; flashy/shiny/sequined shoes; high heel shoes; jeans or denim; shorts; stretch pants; leggings; tights; makeup (including kohl, clear nail polish, lip gloss, etc.)
  • Jewelry must be kept at a minimum. 
ORDERING UNFORMS        School Code:    QS5NBHT
•    Go to
•    Enter the school code:   QS5NBHT             [upper case OR lower case]
•    Then Click on American Youth Academy
•    Click on the Grade Level & Boys or Girls that matches your child(ren's) grade level and gender
•    Click on the Item of Clothing [shirts, pants, jumpers, etc.]
•    Shipping is FREE
•    Make sure to order your uniforms by August 5 in order to get them in time!

K2 & K3

Boys:       White polo shirt & navy blue pants or shorts

Girls:       Navy blue jumper with white polo shirt   OR   one-piece navy blue polo dress & navy blue pants or shorts under jumper/dress

K4 - GRADE 5

Boys:       White polo shirt & navy blue pants


  • White polo or dress shirt  - (5th graders must wear long sleeves)
  • Navy blue jumper
  • Navy blue pants   
  • White hijab -5th grade
  • Hijab for prayer- grades 1-4
  • Navy blue abaya is optional for 5th grade
GRADES 6 – 11


  • Navy blue or khaki pants           
  • White or black polo shirt (polo MUST have AYA logo)
  • Khaki pants & black shirts MUST be purchased ONLY from


  • Navy blue or black plain abaya or two-piece outfit, which is to be purchased at AYA
  • White or gray plain hijab (white or gray underscarf/bonnet may be worn to cover the hairline)
  • Navy blue or black pants under abaya
  • Navy blue or black T-Shirt to cover neckline (as needed)                                                                                                                                                      

Same as Friday uniform (see below), but everyday


-There is no color restriction on pants, shirts, abayas, or hijabs.

-No logos or sayings are allowed on clothing.

-Boys' shirts must have collars.

-Abayas should not be flashy.


AYA sweatshirts can be purchased through the school.  If students wear other sweatshirts or light jackets, they MUST be solid white, black, navy or gray, without logos. There is no color restriction on heavy jackets.  However, there should be no logos or designs and they cannot be worn inside the classrooms.

PE Uniforms: Grades 6-12

  • Students in grades 6-12 will be allowed to wear their PE uniforms ONLY during PE classes. They will need to change into and out of them before and after class respectively. 
  • Students are also asked to bring a small towel with them to PE in order to dry up after class, so as to reduce the excessive use and waste of paper towels.

Jewelry for students in grades 6-12 will be limited to one ring per hand.  No visible bracelets or necklaces will be allowed.

AYA reserves the right to require students to purchase new uniforms if the uniforms they have are not in good condition.

Please see the school Handbook for field trip uniforms and uniform violations.

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