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AYA encourages parents and other community-members to visit the school and believes there are many potential benefits which can result from increased interaction with the community. At the same time, AYA has a legitimate interest in avoiding disruption to the educational process, protecting the safety and welfare of the students and staff, and protecting AYA facilities from misuse and/or vandalism. Therefore, limitations may be placed on visitors to avoid these disruptions. Administrators shall have the authority to consider the purpose of the visit and the impact the visitor's presence will have on the staff and students before approving such a visit.

Prospective Students

Students thinking of enrolling at AYA may request to visit the school and attend classes with their peers. Such visits must be scheduled by the parent in advance and must be approved by the principal at least one day prior to the scheduled visit. Student visitors are expected to abide by the same rules and regulations that all AYA students are expected to abide to. They may also accompany their peers to lunch and salaat and may purchase lunch from the cafeteria. Each student visitor will receive, in advance of his/her visit, a list of basic rules/policies to follow while on campus. This will include dress code requirements.

General Definitions of and Requirements for School Visitors

A. A visitor is defined as any person seeking to enter the school premises who is not an employee of the school or a student NOT currently enrolled at the school.
B. All visitors must report to the front office when arriving and/or leaving the school premises.
C. All visitors are required to wear an appropriate form of identification while on the school premises.
D. All visitors must obtain authorization from an administrator in advance of his/her visit, whenever possible.
E. All visitors must comply with AYA policies, administrative rules and regulations at all times.

Visitors to Classrooms and/or Other Instructional Areas

A. Access to particular classrooms and/or other instructional areas of the school may be restricted upon the recommendation of a teacher in charge or, as otherwise deemed necessary, by an administrator.

B. Because classrooms and/or other instructional areas are the most vulnerable to disruption, specific conditions may be imposed upon visitors, including but not limited to:

a) Remaining in a designated place or seat.
b) Refraining from speaking to students and/or the teacher while an activity is underway.
c) Refraining from entering or leaving the area while an activity is underway.
d) Maintaining dress and grooming standards that are consistent with the dress code for students/employees in the building.
e) Being chaperoned to and from the classrooms and/or instructional area by an AYA Staff-Member.
f) Limiting the duration of the visit to a particular time/length.
g) Limiting the activities of the visit to a particular purpose.
h) Following designated routes of travel in the building and/or on school grounds.
i) Refraining from the use of cellular phones or other electronic devices during the course of the visit.

C. Non-school-age children are prohibited from visiting classrooms and/or other instructional areas.

D. Visitors wishing to conference with teachers and/or administrators during the course of the school day are encouraged to make arrangements at least three (3) days in advance.

Exceptions to Visitor Requirements

A. Persons invited to visit the school as part of a scheduled Open House or special event.
B. Persons invited to participate in organized and school-approved activities (i.e. volunteers)

Special Circumstances

AYA administrators have the authority to exclude from the school premises any person who disrupts or appears likely to disrupt AYA's educational processes. Any such individuals will be directed to leave the school premises immediately, and law enforcement officers may be called if deemed necessary.

No student who is on probation, suspension/expulsion from another school will be allowed to visit AYA.

More information regarding visiting AYA can be found in the AYA Student-Parent Handbook.

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