American Youth Academy


Quran Competition Winners

6th Boys

Youssef Alhamzawi 1st Place

Yazan Erzikat 2nd Place

Ahmed Ali 3rd Place

6th Girls

Hala Idahmad1st Place

Leila Samhan 2nd Place (tie)*

Rufaydah Altoubah 2nd Place (tie)*

Tasneem Kayed 3rd Place (tie)*

Ruqayah Lazaar 3rd Place (tie)*


7th & 8th (Boys & Girls)

Asif Mohid 1st Place
Yasmean Saed 2nd Place (tie)*

Tibeh Jawhar 2nd Place (tie)*

Alia Hamdan 2nd Place (tie)*

Ali Alameddin 3rd Place

9th, 10th, 11th (Boys & Girls)

Yusra Elqaussimi 1st Place (tie)*

Ahmad Mardoud 1st Place (tie)*

Wasif Mahtab 1st Place (tie)*

Mona Almomani 2nd Place

Hamza Ismail 3rd Place

*Note: Tie means that these students received the same score by the judges.

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