Award Winning Academics

American Youth Academy

Student Council

Details and Dates

Total Members: 17 • One class representative from each grade level (A & B) = 12

5 Executive Officers

  • President (Grade 11)
  • Vice President (Grade 10 or 11)
  • Secretary (9-12)
  • Treasurer (9-12)
  • Public Relations (9-12)
  • Publication of criteria for eligibility and job descriptions on Friday, October 7th
  • Nominations: Monday, October 10th - Friday, October 14th (forms available at the front desk)
  • Campaigning by way of posters: Monday, October 10th - Friday, October 21st
  • Students running for class representative will make a campaign speech in their individual class on Monday, October 17th during 5th period
  • Students running for Executive Officers must make a campaign speech at the morning assembly in the following order:
  • Candidates for Secretary on Monday, October 17th
  • Candidates for Treasurer on Tuesday, October 18th
  • Candidates for Public Relations on Wednesday, October 19th
  • Candidates for Vice President on Thursday, October 20th
  • Candidates for President on Friday, October 21st
  • Elections held in class on Friday, October 21st during 3rd period
  • Results published on Monday, October 24th

Student Council By-Laws

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