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  • Parenting and coaching are both quite rewarding. Both can also be challenging at times. Parents are an integral part of our team community. With that in mind, we offer our pre-season meeting rationale, goals, and a communication guide.


    Pre-season Meeting Rationale

    We have pre-season meetings to provide an opportunity for coaches, student-athletes and parents to get together in an informal setting. Through such meetings, the opportunity for growth and development of the team and the student-athlete is enhanced. The meetings provide a forum for student-athletes, parents and the coaching staff to openly discuss a variety of issues, such as sportsmanship, school policy, risk of injury, and team rules and expectations. They serve to foster the dialogue that lays the groundwork for real collaboration toward a healthy and strong program.


    Pre-season Meeting Goals

    • Introduce athletes, their parents, and coaches to one another in a relaxed, cooperative atmosphere.
    • Provide information about activities, policies, philosophy, and expectations.
    • Provide information on rules of the state high school association, the middle school league, the school, and the team.
    • Provide information regarding practice, game, and tournament schedules.
    • Inform student-athletes and their parents of the potential risk of injury pertaining to that particular sport.
    • Promote ongoing communication.
    • Create awareness of ethics and sportsmanship within the program.
    •  Develop a bond of mutual respect, cooperation, and shared responsibility.
  • Athletic Forms - Required

    The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) requires a completed Pre Participation Physical Evaluation form, a Consent and Release from Liability Certificate, and a Concussion & Heat-Related Illness form to be on file with the Athletic Director prior to the student-athlete’s participation in any sports activity. The following athletic forms all must be provided annually:

    1. Physical 
    2. Consent 1 of 3
    3. Consent 2 of 3
    4. Consent 3 of 3

    Please note: These athletic forms are in addition to the two health forms required upon entry to the school, which are kept on file in the Registrar’s Office.

    Deadline: FHSAA athletic forms all must be received by the AYA’s athletic director no later than the Thursday before the first day practice in order for students to participate in that practice. If forms are turned in after that, they will be processed as they are received and participation will not be permitted until the forms are processed.

    Please contact athletic directors at: