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Security Officer

AYA's security officer is based at the gate entrance and is responsible for monitoring traffic into and out of school property. To ensure the safety of all students, teachers, and staff, the officer reserves the right to stop any car or person he does not recognize and require identification. He also has the right to not allow any unknown person/car to enter the property. He maintains contact with the main administration office to inquire regarding next actions for visitors in question. The security officer collects passes from students and/or staff as they leave campus and remits passes to the administration at the end of each day.


In case of any emergency, the security officer contacts 911 immediately.


Parents and visitors are asked to use extreme care in the school driveway and parking areas. The speed limit on 130th Avenue should not exceed 10 miles per hour for the safety of our children. Parents who drive students to and from school should permit walkers the right-of-way. Students should never cross between parked buses or cars. Parents are asked to observe the "NO PARKING" areas on the school grounds; parking must be in one of the designated parking spots. There is to be NO parking in the drop-off and pick-up areas or on the grass.



Students from Elementary and Middle School will be trained to assist with arrival and dismissal each day. Parents, students, and staff should respect them and follow their direction. The Assistant Principal is responsible for their actions and should be contacted immediately if there is a concern regarding their performance.