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Offering service to your community as well as helping those in need are core Islamic values.

As such, AYA has made Community Service a requirement for high school graduation. In addition to the spiritual value gained from community service, acquiring volunteer hours is a requirement of some scholarships as well as a way to enhance your application to certain colleges or programs. 

The American Youth Academy offers many opportunities for students to earn community service hours on campus.  Students are also encouraged to find off campus opportunities for community service hours at places such as MOSI, Project Downtown, and at the local hospitals, nursing homes, and libraries (these are just a few of the many opportunities available). 

Please contact AYA's Academic Advisor for more info.


AYA Graduation & Florida Bright Futures Medallion Scholarship: 75 hours

Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholarship: 100 hours

*Community Service and the IB Program.  Please see the IB Coordinator for more details.