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Almost every private-school parent has heard about “the gap” – the difference between tuition dollars received by the school and the actual costs of operating the institution.

Cost growth has consistently outstripped revenue growth year after year, for decades. The expenses has so far outstripped revenues that no amount of cost-cutting at such schools, healthy as that may be, can come close to solving the problem. At private day schools today, tuition receipts often cover only 70 to 80 percent of costs.

Fundraising activity has become central to the life of private schools. AYA has two main fundraising events yearly that aims to cover this gap. Below are the percentage of funding amounts and sources for 2016.



Gifts to the school are vital to support the outstanding academic traditions that make the American Youth Academy exceptional. Very few, if any, private independent schools meet full operational costs with tuition alone.

The generosity of our parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni and friends provide the means for the continued pursuit of excellence in the arts, athletics and faculty development.

Through our development efforts we work to create partnerships that will advance the mission of our fine school. We are confident that you will find no better investment than that of the education of a child. 



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