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AYA is pleased to announce that we are ranked as the #10 best private school in Hillsborough County, according to's Niche 2021-22 list of best schools. In addition, we have also been ranked as one of the top Islamic private schools in the country. We are delighted to earn this ranking, as it recognizes our achievements and dedication to AYA goals and values. 
We want to take this opportunity to thank all parents, faculty, and alums who have given their support throughout the past 30 years. AYA dramatically appreciates everyone who has helped us get to this point. We could not have achieved this prestigious accomplishment without you. 
At American Youth Academy, we work hard to create an environment of safety, inclusivity, and respect. Our purpose is to guide our students in a manner that will allow them to be successful long after they roam our hallways. We want our students to understand the value of hard work and the joy and pride that comes with accomplishing a goal. 
To rank among the top Islamic private schools in the country is a well-deserved honor. AYA is pleased that the impressive work of our students, teachers, and faculty members is appreciated outside of our community. Our students and staff's passion and diligence make us who we are. We could not be more proud of their commitment to excellence and lifelong learning. 
When it comes to school rankings, more than test scores are considered. Criteria range from academics to affordability. Our uncompromising commitment to well-rounded success made AYA stand out above other schools. Our teachers and faculty are devoted to, and impassioned by, their role in student achievement and care deeply about student success on all fronts. At AYA, we believe that education should extend beyond the classroom. 
With anticipation for years to come, we look forward to instilling pride and tenacity within every student. The opening of our brand-new school building this spring will give AYA more leverage to climb the ranks as a top Islamic institution. Our new facility provides resources to students that allow them to explore themselves and their interests while nurturing them through high-quality education. 
We are excited to finish the 2021-22 school year even more vital than we started! Being ranked as the #10 best private school in Hillsborough County by's Niche 2021-22 list has highlighted our values and proven our dedication to education and excellence has not gone unnoticed. 
So, congratulations to our AYA community! This ranking speaks to our entire community of hard-working parents, students, and staff that have made this achievement possible. THANK YOU for all of your support. We can not wait to see what the future holds for AYA.