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  • Eagles View and Upcoming Events 2/9/24


    Assalamu’Alaikum Dear Families!


    We've got some announcements and reminders for you, as well as upcoming events and resources to help you stay up-to-date on all things AYA.




    School Wide Art Show-CALLING ALL ARTISTS


    Submission Deadline Friday March 22nd, 2024

    Students will have the opportunity to present their work to the AYA Community. Come display your talent, passion and what you’ve learned throughout the semester. The showcase welcomes any and all art forms and mediums. Entries must be completed in a fashionable manner.

    Students must submit the following requirements to their current art teacher to be considered.

    • One art submission per student
    • Art pieces should not be more than 9x12 in.
    • Artist must be responsible for submitted art work to art teacher
    • Artwork must include Name, Grade, Section level and Art piece title.


    Mark your calendars! The school-wide Arabic Spelling Bee will be held for grades 1-5 in the multi-purpose room. Dates and times will be listed below. Parents are welcome to attend.


    Tuesday, February 13 

    2nd grade: 8:10 AM - 9:00 AM
    3rd grade: 9:10 AM -10:00 AM
    4th grade: 11:20 PM-12:10 AM
    5th grade:  12:20 PM- 1:00 PM

    Thursday, February 15 

    1st grade: 8:10 AM - 9:00 AM


    Attached you will find the 2024-2025 Academic School Calendar.

    This calendar is subject to change.


    Ramadan Schedule

    You asked and we listened! Our Ramadan Schedule will begin on March 18th - April 2nd.

    Drop off will begin during normal time at 7:40 AM and students will be marked tardy after 7:50 AM.

    Dismissal Monday-Thursday will begin at 2:35 PM

    Dismissal on Friday will remain at 12:30 PM


    You’re Invited! AYA Annual Gala 

    Saturday March 2, 2024

    5:00 PM

    Athletic Hall

    RSVP now for an unforgettable experience. Your presence is the key to making this night truly exceptional. See the attached invite below or click on the link to reserve your spot!


    Coffee with Dr. Samah

    Friday February 16th, 2024

    8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

    Multipurpose Room


    Come join us for Coffee with Dr. Samah on Friday Feb. 16  in the Multipurpose room at 8:30 AM. 


    AYA PTO Class Book Parade

    Thursday February 29th 2024

    PK3-5th grade

    Our annual Class Book Parade is an exciting event for the students and parents. Each teacher will choose a book title for their class to creatively represent during the parade by wearing costumes and/or props.


    2nd Grade In-House Field Trip: “Bricks 4 Kidz”

    March 19th, 2024

    We're proud to announce our 2nd graders will have the opportunity to experience a Bricks 4 Kidz in-house field trip. Bricks 4 Kidz is an imaginative, 3-dimensional, hands-on learning experience! They will be so excited to use the LEGO Bricks they already know and love to engage in a fun-filled STEM-based program. 


    Quran Competition

    We have exciting news to share with you all about our upcoming Quran competition. The Quran competition will consist of two rounds: the first round will take place in the classrooms with the teachers, and the second round, which is the final round, will be held in the multipurpose room with the Sheikhs. In the first round, each teacher will choose the top 3 students in their classroom to move on to the final round. The list of the Surahs are attached here.

    Elementary Quran Competition:

    • First Round: Week of February 12th - February 16th
    • Second Round: March 5th & March 6th

    Middle/High Quran Competition:

    • First Round: Week of February 26th - March 1st
    • Second Round: March 19th & March 20th




    As you know, the privileges for the Friday Uniform for Role Models-Girls ended last semester. We will come out with a new list this semester.

    It has come to our attention that some students may not be fully compliant with the dress code outlined in our handbook. In order to maintain a positive and respectful learning environment for all, it is crucial that everyone follows the guidelines.

    Failure to adhere to the dress code may result in consequences, including the loss of certain privileges.


    Students may not wear hoodies or closed jackets with logos. Students may only wear solid black zip up jackets with no logo. Students may wear the previous AYA jacket which is gray or navy blue with the AYA logo that can be purchased from the business office. Any student violating the policy will have their hoodie/jacket confiscated until the end of the year, no exceptions.

    For our female students, proper adherence includes wearing an AYA abaya and/or tunic with straight leg dress pants and hijab from Verona Uniforms. Failing to adhere to the dress code will result in loss of privileges. Any female student found with a tunic that has been hemmed shorter than the mid-thigh, tight pants, or hijab without a pin with hair, ears, neck showing, etc. will lose the privilege of wearing a tunic and wrap hijab and will be required to wear an AYA Abaya and 2-piece white hijab or pre-stitched white hijab until further notice.

    For our male students, failing to comply with the AYA uniform including hair length, jewelry, etc. will be issued an after school detention after the 1st infraction. 


    Online Absence Excuse Forms

    If you have filled out an absence excuse form online and are having technical issues, please use the browser instead of the APP to login to Renweb to complete the form. If you are still having difficulties submitting the form, please stop by the front desk to pick up an absence excuse form. We are working with Renweb to fix this issue as soon as possible. If you have a doctor's note, you may drop it off at the front office or please send it to for secondary or for EC/Elementary. 


    ATTENTION PARENTS: Children Car Seat Safety

    As we prioritize the safety of everyone on campus and to ensure a smooth arrival and dismissal process, we kindly remind you to ensure that your young children are secured safely in a car seat or buckled up. The sheriff on campus has noticed multiple young children not fastened securely during arrival and dismissal and would like to reiterate that all persons in a moving vehicle must be fastened securely.


    ATTENTION PARENTS: Cell Phone Use in Car Line

    As we prioritize the safety of everyone on campus and to ensure a smooth arrival and dismissal process, we kindly remind you to refrain from using your cell phone during the car line during arrival or dismissal process. 


    ATTENTION PARENTS: Speed Limit On Campus

    As we prioritize the safety of everyone on campus, we kindly remind you to maintain a speed limit of 5 mph (miles per hour) while driving within school grounds. Your cooperation ensures a secure environment for our students and staff.

    No Gum on Campus

    We would like to remind all students that gum is not allowed on campus at all! Any student who is found with gum on campus will be issued an infraction immediately. 

    5th Grade Graduation Field Trip-Busch Gardens

    We are excited to share information about our 5th-grade graduation field trip. We will go to Busch Gardens, where the kids can enjoy the park and ride the rides with their designated group and chaperone. The date for the field trip is Thursday, February 15th. We will leave the school at 9:30 am and return to the school at 5:00 pm. We require one chaperone for every 5 children. If you are interested in chaperoning, please contact your 5th-grade homeroom teacher. Chaperones are responsible for paying for their entrance fee. Also, as a reminder, once approved, you must submit a volunteer application to be a chaperone for the class. Students must be in P.E. Uniform. Please ensure your child submits their permission slip and money to their homeroom teacher.

    We look forward to this experience and forming long-lasting positive memories for our students!


    Arriving on Campus Early

    Moving forward, we kindly request that parents not come on campus before 3:30pm for pick up due to blockages in the parking lot. Due to safety and evacuation routes, we urge our parents to not block the parking lot. Please do not block 56th street when arriving as well. 

    Friday Early Dismissal

    Friday prayer for students has been canceled and Friday's dismissal time will begin at 12:30 PM until further notice. Please arrange for your child to fulfill their Jumah prayer obligations. This change is aimed at optimizing our school safety measures that are in place. Please plan your child's transportation accordingly. 

    A Note from the Nurses Office

    As you know, American Youth Academy is growing exponentially every year Alhamdulillah. Our number one goal is to promote health and safety for all our students.  The health and administration team has noticed a very very high amount of students coming to school sick and being sent home. In these cases, they have already spent time in class and around their friends, spreading germs.  When in doubt, please keep your child home. See attachment for more information. 

    Student ID’s

    ID’s are part of the AYA Uniform and must be visible on a lanyard around the students neck at all times. Any student who is not wearing one will be issued a new ID and a $5 fee will be charged to their account.


    Early Pick up Reminder:

    As a reminder, if you are picking your child up early for any reason, a parent/guardian must be in the office before these times below. If you are in the office after these times, we will be unable to release the child until dismissal.

    Monday - Thursday 2:00 pm 
    Friday 11:45 pm.  


    Student Drivers:

    Student drivers may not be signed out via email or phone without a doctor appointment card or proof of another appointment. Any parent that requests their child to leave campus for any other reason will be denied.






    Office Hours

    The main office is open
    Monday - Friday:  8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

    Business Office

    The business office is open 
    Monday-Thursday:  8:00 AM - 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM 
    Friday:  8:00 AM - 9:00 AM  and 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM.

    If you need to update or change your payment information. Please contact FACTS at (866) 441-4637. If your payment information is incorrect or you have a past due balance, FACTS will automatically block your account until payment is received. 


    Order uniforms for your student(s) through our vendor Verona at this link 
    American Youth Academy – Verona Uniforms ( 



    Please ensure you are using PikMyKid to announce your child when arriving on campus.

    Questions about PikMyKid should be directed to Make sure to include the name of our school and the name of your child!


    GO KID- Carpool Service for AYA Families K5 -12

    We're thrilled to invite you to GoKid's new Carpool Program at your school! It's designed to reduce your daily school commutes by connecting you with other school families to share the rides. You should receive another launch email reminder shortly. Please ensure that you have set up your school account.

    Walk Through Video: GoKid Connect Walkthrough - YouTube



    Android Users: GoKid Carpool Organizer - Apps on Google Play

    iPhone Users: GoKid Carpool Organizer on the App Store (

    Google Classroom & Renweb:

    For assistance with your child’s Google Classroom login & Renweb account, please email with your child's first and last name, and grade level requesting that information


    AYA Family App

    Please use the corresponding links below to download the app.

    From Apple App Store:

    American Youth Academy on the App Store (

    From Google Play Store:
    American Youth Academy - Apps on Google Play



    Aya 2023-2024 Calendar - 

    A note from the Nurses office -

    AYA's Quran Institution -

    GoKid Connect -



    Remember to visit our accounts on social media, our website as well as your inbox as we will be sharing more information with you as the school year draws closer, as always, feel free to email, call or visit us with any questions or concerns!

    We look forward to a fun filled year full of great experiences, memories and learning!










    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at, or call (813) 987-9282.


    Stay safe and healthy; We Are Better Together!


    Kind regards,

    AYA Admin