5th Graders

American Youth Academy



AYA is committed to providing the most challenging possible curricula. The curricula must fulfill, at minimum, the standards set in the Florida Sunshine State Standards for each grade level. Students are instructed in the following academic subjects: Language Arts/English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arabic, Qur’an, Islamic Studies, Art, Home Economics, Physical Education and Computer courses at various skill levels.

Parents should expect to receive a Quarterly Syllabus for each subject by the end of the second week of each quarter. These syllabi will include, but are not limited to including, the topics to be covered per week, scheduled tests and/or projects, teacher expectations and the grade distribution for the class.

Textbooks/programs used in Language Arts/English, Math, Science and Social Studies are approved by the Florida Department of Education.

AYA encourages students to develop a sense of responsibility in the care and handling of their books and materials as well as other school equipment and supplies. A charge will be assessed if these books are lost or damaged beyond usual wear and tear.


The purpose of Homework is to reinforce classroom activities and assist the student in understanding the day's lessons. Homework will be assigned based on the individual needs of the child or the needs of the class. Homework shall not be assigned on a mass basis just to give the children something to do. On average, the total time for all subjects assigned should be as follows:

  •  K5 ⇒ 15 – 20 Minutes per Day
  • 1st - 2nd Grades ⇒ 30 – 60 Minutes per Day
  • 3rd - 5th ⇒ Grades 60 – 90 Minutes per Day
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