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Parent Voluntarism is an integral part of the success of the school. As a parent/guardian of a student enrolled at AYA, you are welcome as a member of our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). PTO’s mission is to create a fun and friendly atmosphere for the children.

Helping the PTO is also a great way to fulfill the 20 Family Volunteer hours. Parents can volunteer in many ways, even without being on campus! PTO volunteers can gather at-home volunteer hours by providing: snacks for the classrooms, assemblies, bake sales, and even decorations and cash donations for parties and celebrations.


PTO commits to the following goals each school year:
  1. To promote an atmosphere where children can grow as individuals, each aware of their worth and value in society.
  2. To foster awareness among parents of the need for their participation in the total education of their children.
  3. To develop united efforts between educators and the public to secure the highest achievements in religious, mental,     social, and physical education for every child.
  4. To provide a forum for constructive communication and decision-making between parents, teachers, and administration for cooperative resolution of school problems.
  5. To sponsor community, social, and fundraising activities to promote the general welfare of AYA and its students.
  6. In the past, PTO has helped to refresh the cafeteria, buy new technology for classrooms, host fun-filled Teacher Appreciation weeks, host art showcases, and many school celebrations. Parent volunteers assist with organizing events, fundraising, and simple projects to provide loving touches to our school community.

AYA has many school-wide volunteer opportunities! Whatever your talent, interest, or expertise, there is a way to contribute!

  • Classroom Parent: Each class has two Classroom Parents selected at the beginning of the school year who commit to supporting the teachers and classroom activities. Classroom parents will liaise between the teachers, the IPTA, and other classroom parents. Their functions include such duties as:
  • Coordinate helpers for special activities​
  • To create a phone tree for communication among families
  • To support parents' group activities
  • Coordinate celebration events for families
  • To welcome new families to the classroom
  • Events: Help organize, decorate and clean up school events such as Quran Competitions, the annual Hajj simulation, and many more!
  • Beautification: Improve and maintain the grounds around the school building by helping with weeding, pruning, raking, and spreading fertilizer and mulch.
  • Hospitality: Provide refreshments for school events or help clean up afterward.
  • PTO Meetings: All parents are invited to attend monthly meetings to learn about and work on school initiatives.
  • Library: Assist the librarian by shelving, repairing, and cataloging books. Volunteers also assist during the Book Fair.
  • Family Fun Day: Help coordinate and publicize the Family Fun Day or volunteer on the day of the Fair. Fun booths offer a range of activities.
  • School Pictures: Volunteers assist during Picture Day.

Are you interested in Volunteering?