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Welcome to the AYA Library, a vibrant hub of knowledge and exploration! Our library offers a wide array of exciting events and activities throughout the year to foster a love for reading and learning among our students.

Book Fairs: Each year, we organize Fall and Spring Book Fairs, where students can explore a diverse selection of age-appropriate books. These fairs provide an opportunity for students to handpick their favorite reads from the best materials available on the market. Parents and Friends of the Library also have the chance to contribute to our collection by purchasing books in honor of family members, teachers, or fellow students.

Author Visits: We are delighted to host local authors who visit the library to engage with our students. During these special occasions, authors share their writing journey, discuss their books, and even read captivating short stories. Our students are encouraged to interact with the authors, ask questions, and gain valuable insights into the world of literature. They can also purchase books directly from the authors and receive personally autographed copies, creating lasting memories.

Classroom Engagements: The Librarian connects with various classes, from Pre-K to Elementary, on a daily basis. These engaging sessions may involve reading from carefully selected texts to showcase reading fluency, introducing new material, or honing other essential literary skills. We encourage our students to explore the library independently, allowing them to select books to enjoy either in their classrooms or at home.

At AYA Library, we believe in nurturing a lifelong passion for reading and learning. Our commitment to fostering curiosity, imagination, and intellectual growth is at the heart of what we do. We welcome you to be part of our enriching library experience and join us in celebrating the joy of books and knowledge.