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Eagles Athletics Forms

Welcome to the Eagles Athletics Forms page, where your safety and well-being are paramount. At American Youth Academy, we prioritize the health of our student-athletes and have established a set of essential forms to ensure a secure and enriching athletic experience.


Required Forms for Participation

As per the guidelines set by the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), the following athletic forms must be completed and submitted annually to the Athletic Director before any student-athlete can participate in sports activities. Please note that these forms are in addition to the two health forms required upon entry to the school, which are kept on file in the Registrar's Office.


1.FHSAA Waiver & Consent Form: This form provides consent from the student-athlete's parent or guardian and acknowledges the potential risks associated with athletic participation. It also confirms understanding of AYA's policies and procedures.


2.FHSAA Physical Form: Essential for ensuring the health and fitness of our student-athletes, this form must be completed by a licensed healthcare provider. It includes a thorough assessment of the student's physical condition and medical history.


3.Student-Athlete Handbook: Familiarize yourself with our comprehensive handbook that outlines guidelines, expectations, and policies for student-athletes. It's a valuable resource for understanding your role as part of Eagles Athletics.


Additional Required Courses

In addition to the forms mentioned above, we require the completion of the following courses to ensure your well-being on and off the field:

Deadline for Submission and Eligibility

In order to be eligible for tryouts and participation in sports activities, all FHSAA athletic forms must be fulfilled and received by the AYA Athletic Director no later than the Thursday before the first day of practice. Forms submitted after this deadline will be processed as they are received, and participation will not be permitted until the forms are processed.

This ensures that all student-athletes have the opportunity to complete the necessary requirements, fostering a safe and well-prepared environment for their athletic journey. Your commitment to timely submission is essential to guarantee your eligibility for tryouts and participation in Eagles Athletics.

Your Commitment Matters

We appreciate your cooperation in completing these required forms promptly. By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to the athletic development and well-being of our student-athletes.

For any questions or concerns regarding the Athletics Forms, please feel free to contact the Athletic Director.

*Note: These forms are subject to change, and we encourage parents and student-athletes to stay informed about any updates or modifications.


For any questions, please contact the athletic director at: