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Elementary Curriculum at AYA

At American Youth Academy (AYA), we are dedicated to providing a challenging and comprehensive elementary curriculum. Our curricula adhere to the Florida Sunshine State Standards, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education at each grade level. In addition to core subjects like Language Arts/English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, students engage in enriching experiences in Arabic, Qur'an, Islamic Studies, Art, and Physical Education. 

Our Elementary goals:

  • Nurturing Well-being: We prioritize the social-emotional well-being of our students, fostering a sense of community and meaningful connections that support their academic growth.
  • Empowering Global Citizens: We encourage critical and analytical thinking skills, instilling a sense of global citizenship through enriched experiences that broaden their perspectives.
  • Fostering Creativity and Collaboration: AYA inspires creativity and collaboration among students, fostering a strong sense of school spirit and pride in our Islamic community.

We value open communication with parents, and to keep them well-informed, we provide Weekly Newsletters for each subject by the beginning of the week. These newsletters outline the weekly topics and objectives, scheduled tests, quizzes, homework and teacher expectations. A teacher will reach out to the parents mid quarter to inform them if their child is not performing up to standard in order to rectify any academic deficiencies. 

Textbooks and programs used in Language Arts/English, Math, Science, and Social Studies are approved by the Florida Department of Education, ensuring the highest educational standards.

Responsibility and Homework:

AYA encourages students to take responsibility for their books, materials, and school equipment. Should any items be lost or damaged beyond usual wear and tear, a charge may be assessed.

Homework plays a vital role in reinforcing classroom learning. Homework will be assigned based on the individual needs of the child or the needs of the class and will not be assigned on a mass basis just to give the children something to do. Homework is not assigned on weekends or non-school days because we value our families time together. Please see the Student-Parent Handbook for more information. 

On average, the total time for all subjects assigned should be as follows:

K5: 15-20 Minutes per Day
1st Grade-2nd Grade: 20-40 Minutes per Day
3rd Grade-5th Grade: 40-70 Minutes per Day