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Parent School Agreement


Parents are expected to support and uphold AYA’s policies. All suggestions and comments from the parents will be examined fully, and are welcomed and encouraged for the overall strengthening of the school. If at any time misunderstandings develop between the school and home, it becomes the obligation of both to seek clarification and explanation.

The school agrees to work closely with the parents in the education of the child. This includes the provision of competent teachers, a full and developmentally appropriate curriculum, regular reporting of student progress, proper student supervision, and communication with the home. In full cooperation with the school, parents are expected to attend Parent/Teacher Conferences and actively support other planned activities, knowing that parental participation is critical to the health and well-being of the school and the student.

Parents and students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Student-Parent Handbook, which can be accessed by clicking here: Student-Parent Handbook. Edits and changes may be made by the administration. All edits and updates will be shared via email with the parents. Parents are responsible for following up with the current policies.


All AYA families are required to volunteer a minimum of two hours per month, or a total of 20 hours per year in any capacity that they like, and during times that are convenient for them. Families may opt to donate $10 per hour or $200 for the entire year if they are unable to volunteer.


AYA believes in the importance of keeping a continuous line of communication with its parents and community. Means of communication will include:

  • Renweb
  • Phone calls from teachers to update parents of Elementary students of their children's progress
  • Phone calls from teachers to update parents of Secondary students if their grades drop below a C- in a class
  • Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Parent Observation Week 
  • Meet the Administration session   
  • Surveys
  • IPTA meetings
  • Scheduled appointments with staff and administration.
  • Updates on the AYA website:
  • Emails
  • Text Messages


Parents are encouraged to contact the school and request conferences with their children's teachers if they feel there is a need for such meetings.